10 Reasons to Choose Natural Skincare

Each September, the Soil Association runs Organic September. Last year they ran their Small Changes, Big Difference campaign, aiming to highlight the benefits of organic products, ingredients and food for us and for animals everywhere! The topic is so huge and the benefits are so numerous, I could write an essay on it. But I thought I’d start with skincare and products and include 10 benefits of choosing natural formulations and ingredients.


1. No animal testing.

2. No artificial fillers that block pores.

3. No synthetic chemicals entering your bloodstream (think hormone and nicotine patches being absorbed through the skin).

4. No sodium lauryl/laureth sulphate and other similar ingredients that have been linked to eczema and sensitivity related skin conditions.

5. Generally companies that produce natural products do not use expensive advertising campaigns. I can’t think of any natural brands that are advertised on television. This reassures us that our hard-earned money goes towards sourcing high quality ingredients rather than big advertising budgets.


6. With an ethical approach, most of the companies will also use recycled and/or recyclable packaging, which is of course better for our environment. They also tend to use less unnecessary packaging.

7. Synthetic products often contain a large amount of water, mineral oil and other entirely useless fillers to bulk them out. This means that gram for gram (or ml for ml), your natural product will last for longer, as you will use much less each time – making it far more economical.

8. As foreign chemicals are not used in the products, they will not have a negative impact on our environment or animals. Only natural ingredients that work with nature.

9. Natural products contain high quality ingredients such as essential oils, which produce many therapeutic benefits. There is a huge difference between a high percentage of quality essential oil in a product and a very small amount of cheap, highly processed essential oils with little or no therapeutic benefit at the bottom of an ingredients list.

10. You can enjoy your products, the luxurious textures and smells with peace of mind that no animals have been tortured to give the go ahead for you to use them, they haven’t damaged the environment during their production, you won’t be adding to your toxic load of chemicals by applying the product every day and more often than not, they are cheaper (and certainly more effective) than mainstream brands.

If you are looking at changing your skincare and bodycare products, I highly recommend Neal’s Yard Remedies. If you need any advice on the best products to use, please get in touch!