10 Ways to Boost your Fertility

Repro organs photoIf you are ready to start making positive changes right away, here are 10 ways to reduce stress and enhance fertility:

1. Eliminate smoking

2. Reduce alcohol consumption and processed foods

3. Stop using hormonal contraception as soon as possible before hoping to conceive

4. Eat a diet of whole, unprocessed and preferably organic foods

5. Reduce exposure to toxic chemicals such as those found in non-organic foods and cosmetic products by changing to natural brands with organically produced ingredients

6. Address unhealthy beliefs and emotions

7. Practise 20 minutes daily meditation / deep relaxation

8. Have regular bodywork treatments, such as massage, acupuncture and reflexology

9. Build a strong support network

10. Nurture yourself with activities you enjoy

It is advisable to prepare with positive lifestyle changes for a minimum of 4 months before trying to conceive. This is to allow your changes to have an effect and to allow enough time for the development of new, healthy sperm and eggs.