12 Week Fit for Fertility Plan

The Fit For Fertility 12-week Plan is for all women, whether preparing for natural, assisted or donor conception or who want to address menstrual conditions and symptoms to regain hormonal balance. It is for women who are serious about making the necessary changes and who are prepared to follow the self-help guidance between sessions to further benefit their progress.

When you sign up to the 12-week programme, you will receive:

*8 one-to-one Natural Fertility Therapy sessions (4 x 85 minutes, 4 x 55 minutes), to include consultation, review of your progress, personalised advice, homecare and techniques, as well as Fertility Massage Therapy and Reflexology treatments carefully adapted throughout your cycle.

*Info Pack and natural product samples

*A Complimentary Bottle of Personalised Massage Oil for your homecare self-fertility massage.

*A Castor Oil Pack with everything you need to carry out 3-4 treatments at home, including full instructions and a meditation exercise.

*Ongoing Email Support

*2 x 45-minute Skype Consultations to check in with your progress and give you the opportunity to ask any questions between sessions.

The cost of the 12-week plan is £665. To join the plan and get your first session booked right away, register here and pay safely and securely via Paypal: