Cleaning Without the Chemicals

I haven’t updated my blog for a while – I wonder how those people who write something new every day or even every week make the time to fit it in around clients, admin and life in general! Part of the reason I haven’t is that it has been a busy few months for me, as I’ve made the move from London to the beautiful countryside of Surrey – a long anticipated transition that has filled me with a calm and contentment much greater than I had imagined.

A new house means lots of cleaning! I don’t actually mind cleaning and do take great satisfaction from it. I find it therapeutic and like Monica from Friends, “when I am anxious, I clean!”. I think this is enhanced by the yummy products I have to do it with. The members of my Healthy Happy Hormones online support plan are currently learning the science about the impact of artificial chemicals and preservatives on their health and in particular their hormonal balance. Many of the ingredients in these products are known hormone-disrupters and have far-reaching consequences for both us and our environment and animals.

Recently a friend told me in passing conversation how she had a headache after a couple of hours of blitzing her home with the bleach. This got me thinking, does this need to be a normal and inevitable side-effect of a morning spent sprucing up the house for visiting guests?!

As a natural girl, you won’t find any bleach or harsh chemicals in my cupboards. I’m also not keen to open a bottle with a huge hazard symbol on the back, carefully with my gloves on for fear of spilling some on my skin. Personally, I’m not into killing 99.9% of germs in my house. Like it or not, our bodies are covered in bacteria and this is how we’ve survived and evolved over thousands of years. I also prefer to spend my money on smaller more carefully considered companies with good ethics, where possible.

Open my cupboard door and you’ll find:

Baking Soda: Amazing for cleaning the oven. Sprinkle an even layer around all surfaces of your oven (not the fan) and spritz with water. Leave overnight, sponge off (or scrape off and repeat if it’s particularly bad) et voila! A sparkly new oven with no fear of marinating your next dinner in a cocktail of toxins and no need to keep taking breaths out the window because you’re feeling dizzy from the fumes.

Vinegar: For all your taps, shower screens and stainless steel surfaces. A little stinky but worth it! Leave this to soak on your chosen area overnight, rinse off and polish with a soft cloth and your taps will be so gleaming you will see your face in them.

Faith In Nature Washing Up Liquid: I love this in all flavours. Earth Friendly also do a good one.

EcoZone Dishwasher Tablets: Wash the dishes, as they are meant to!

Method floor cleaners and surface sprays: I particularly love the grapefruit surface spray and the almond wood floor polish – yummy! These are fantastic and do exactly what you need them to, look pretty and have great ethics.

EcoEgg: For my laundry. Very economical and no artificial smelling clothes. Pop in on top of your washing in the drum and off you go!

Homemade fabric freshener: A mix of clove and eucalyptus, witch hazel and water. Spritz on to any fabric that you want freshening up and not smelling of Febreze.

If you have never tried natural cleaning products, I would highly recommend them. You’ll find them in your nearest natural health store or as I recently discovered, in my new local large supermarket. Then sit back and enjoy your beautifully smelling home, clear head and clear conscience.