Baby Reflexology

Baby Reflexology Classes in Claygate, Surrey

  • Suitable for babies 4 weeks to crawling
  • 4 week course
  • Learn techniques for key concerns such as feeding, digestion and sleep
  • Take home your own charts and details of techniques to use for years to come!
  • Taught by a qualified and experienced reflexologist
  • Enjoy a slice of delicious cake and a chat!

Upcoming Workshops:

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Private classes are available for groups of friends. Please contact me for details.

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What to Expect from Baby Reflexology Classes

During our 4 week course, you will learn how to confidently perform specific reflexology techniques to your baby’s feet. We will cover the benefits of the techniques, how to safely treat your child, when not to treat and learning to read and respect your baby’s cues.

Classes are run over 4 weekly 1 hour sessions, each with a different theme that is key for baby’s development.

I know first-hand the benefits of baby reflexology and I also understand the need to be flexible with babies in tow so classes are very relaxed. We include time for tea, delicious locally handmade cake from Parade an Albany and a chat with other like-minded parents.

Our workshop environment has been carefully considered for the comfort of you and your babies and our beautiful bespoke studio is light and airy in the Summer, while cosy and warm in the colder months. Soothing music and a luxurious blend of baby friendly essential oils have been specifically chosen for each class to enhance the therapeutic benefits. In contrast to most other baby classes, Baby Reflexology workshops are calm, quiet and relaxed. This provides a wonderful nurturing space for you both and an opportunity to enjoy this special time together.

Baby Reflexology is a wonderful way to enhance bonding between you and your baby. Research has shown reflexology to aid relaxation and improve overall wellbeing and therefore sleep. There is also increasing evidence surrounding the incredible impact of positive touch on children’s brain development.

The techniques can be used as part of a wonderful relaxing bedtime routine or when needed out and about. The beauty of baby reflexology is that you can do it any time, anywhere! All you need to remove is baby’s socks and no cream or balm is required.

Importantly, you can use your new techniques throughout childhood and beyond. I have found that children often enjoy their reflexology treatments more as they get older. It also gets easier for you when their feet are bigger!

Starting from a young age gets them used to your touch and the techniques used and it won’t be long before they are asking you to rub their feet at every opportunity! My toddler absolutely loves her reflexology and asks to have her feet treated every day.

One-to-One or One-to-Two Private Baby Reflexology Classes

Learn all the baby reflexology techniques in two private classes for just you and your baby or for you, your friend and your babies.

  • Suitable for babies and toddlers 4 weeks and over
  • 2 x 1 hour classes ~ £60 per class or £100 when both booked together
  • Taught by a qualified and experienced reflexologist
  • Learn techniques for concerns such as feeding, digestion and sleep
  • Take home your own charts and details of techniques to use for years to come!

What other Parents have said:

“After the classes, I have the confidence to carry out techniques at home and noticed fast results, especially with the digestive system! The handouts from each class were very clear and simple to use.”

“My favourite part was the class on wellbeing and I enjoyed the opportunity for the babies to interact with each other. My baby had calmer, better sleep after using the techniques.”

“I enjoyed meeting other mummies and we were made to feel at ease when the babies kicked up a fuss.”

“It has been lovely to learn some bonding methods and has helped relax baby before bed. I also enjoyed the cake!”

“I most enjoyed the section on relaxation, as well as meeting other Mums. It was nice to have a different way to interact, not just playing. We really enjoyed our classes and have been doing it daily ever since.”

“We really enjoyed the classes and found the techniques really useful and calming. It was especially great to promote some 1-1 bonding time for busy mums.”

“Victoria’s baby reflexology class is very comprehensive and easy to follow. We felt so relaxed and I now have the confidence to practise it at home. It was a highlight of our week. “

“I most enjoyed learning tips to calm and support digestion”.

“I most enjoyed learning about which parts of the foot correspond to the body. Victoria is a lovely teacher. The sleeping and calming techniques really relax my little girl.”