Benefits of Fertility Massage

Whether you have been trying to conceive for some time, are due to start assisted reproductive technology (ART) treatment, are just beginning to think about starting a family or want to optimise your fertility health, Fertility Massage aims to support and nurture you and your body during this important time.

A gentle, non-invasive massage treatment to the lower back and abdomen, Fertility Massage encourages blood circulation and essential nutrients to the cells of the womb and ovaries, while gently helping to free up stored stress and anxiety so often found in the abdomen.

Techniques to the sacrum help to release tension commonly found in the muscles surrounding the spine and hips, with the aim of aiding the flow of blood, energy and nerve impulses to the reproductive organs.

While the rest of your body is wrapped in soft, warm blankets, massage to the abdomen begins with work around the digestive organs; addressing any areas of tightness or congestion and encouraging vital blood flow. Massage to your lower abdomen gently helps to reduce tightness and restrictions around the hips and reproductive organs.

Perhaps most importantly, taking time out for yourself to be nurtured can encourage deep relaxation. Gentle techniques aim to calm the nervous system and reduce the stress hormones that upset the delicate hormonal balance.

A vital part of your treatment is to continue self-care at home. You will be taught a self-massage routine and shown which areas to focus on for your own specific needs. Daily massage between sessions makes a huge difference to the benefits of your treatments.

As part of your pre-conception preparation, we also look at lifestyle factors that may be influencing your fertility health. Additional bodywork techniques such as reflexology, castor oil packs or acupressure may be incorporated accordingly.

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