Choosing Your Supplements

Many clients ask me about choosing supplements for generally optimising their health before and during pregnancy. It is worth noting at this point that it is highly recommended to take nutritional supplements when TRYING to conceive, to ensure optimum nutrtition ahead of conception – for the health of both you and your baby.

Stress, increasing age and nutrient-depleted soil mean we are absorbing far less of the nutrients we ingest. When looking for vitamin and mineral supplements, it is important to know the difference in the quality of produts available. If you’re going to spend your hard-earned pennies, you want to ensure you are getting the best ingredients.

If not purchasing through your nutritonal therapist or naturopath, I always suggest buying from a reputable health food shop. They tend to have the best brands with the highest quality ingredients. NHP3

Just a few months ago, the New York Attorney General published research suggesting that approximately 415 leading brands of herbal supplements contained NONE of the listed herbs on the labels! The majority of their contents was cheap fillers with no nutritional value. It is worrying that here in the UK we also don’t have thorough regulation of supplements.

When looking for your supplements, search for organic, ideally food grade nutrients, which are more bio-available; that is they are recognised by the body and therefore more readily absorbed. These are certainly more expensive but worth it!

Avoid synthetic ingredients that may pass straight through your body. What a waste! Beware of ingredients such as polyvinyl alcohol, polyethylene glycol and magnesium stearate and stay away! It is interesting to note that some commonly used ingredients are banned from many countries because of their toxicity both to humans and the environment.

After much research, Natural Health Practice are my brand of choice, as the products are food-grade quality and contain bio-available ingredients. I took ‘Natural Fertility for Women’ myself in preparation for, during and post-pregnancy. To receive 15% discount off these supplements, email me with your chosen products and get them delivered directly to you or choose free local collection.