eBook: Understanding Your Cycle & Fertile Signs

Boost your Fertility eBook

There are many aspects to fertility health and this eBook outlines natural fertility awareness techniques and fertility charting to help you gain a greater understanding of your own health and menstrual cycle. It is designed for women who are preparing for conception or who experience menstrual symptoms and irregularities. It is a practical guide for those wanting to gain a greater understanding of their body and clues to what is going on with their hormones and cycle. This helps to identify any potential causes for concern, as well as providing you with records to show your GP and fertility specialists if necessary.

You will cover natural fertility awareness tools and techniques for tracking and understanding your cycle. You will learn how to identify and record your fertile signs to maximise your chances of conception and become a master at interpreting your own unique charts. You will gain the natural fertility secrets I share with my clients and understand why some commonly used methods of fertility charting may be misguiding you.

Understanding Your Cycle and Fertile Signs, Victoria Fitter. £8.99