Fertility-Boosting Super Smoothie

Smoothies are a fantastic way to introduce lots of nutrients into your body that are easily absorbed by your cells. Including ‘superfoods’ and protein also make it particularly nutritious.

Here is my favourite fertility smoothie recipe:

Fertility-Boosting Supersmoothie



1 handful Spinach leaves

1/2 Avocado

1 handful Blueberries (fresh or frozen and defrosted)

1 handful Mixed Berries (blackberries, raspberries, redcurrants, blackcurrants; fresh or frozen and defrosted)

1/2 scoop NYR Organic Greens Complex

1 tsp Ground Flaxseed

1 tbsp Chia Seeds

1 tsp Lacuma Powder

1 tbsp Raw Cacao

1 tbsp NYR Beauty Oil

70ml unsweetened Almond Milk

250ml Water (more or less to suit your preferred consistency)


Add all of the ingredients in the order listed to your smoothie maker or blender. Pour into a glass and enjoy!

*Victoria’s Top Tip* Ensure you remove all ingredients from the fridge 30 minutes before making your smoothie and at least an hour for frozen ingredients. I highly recommend you to avoid consuming cold food or drinks when pregnant or trying to conceive. The cold is a shock to your stomach and can lead to bloating and digestive discomfort. You also want to focus on warmth to the whole abdominal area to provide the nurturing ‘nest’ environment for your womb. Cold substances will constrict bloodflow to the area, which is the opposite of what you want to achieve. Your smoothie shold be room temperature when you consume it.