Fertility Massage

What is it?

Fertility Massage blends a range of advanced bodywork techniques, including Abdominal-Sacral Massage, meridian-based massage, castor oil packs and acupressure. The treatment focuses primarily on the lower back, sacrum, hips, spine & abdomen. Gentle yet powerful work to these areas can help to release physical & emotional tension or restrictions and enhance vital blood circulation to the area.

How Can it Benefit Me?

Fertility Massage provides the opportunity for quiet space, deep relaxation, nurturing and connecting to your body. It enhances blood flow and therefore oxygen and essential nutrients to your womb and ovaries. Many people report improvements in their pre-menstrual symptoms and the quality and regularity of their menstruation after receiving regular Fertility Massage treatments.

You may feel unsure about trying a new therapy and many people are often surprised by how relaxed they feel having their abdomen massaged! I am here to answer any questions and make sure you are as comfortable as possible and that you enjoy your treatment.