Whether you have been trying to conceive for some time, are due to start assisted reproductive treatment or are just beginning to think about starting a family or optimising your fertility health, fertility treatments such as Fertility Massage and Reflexology can provide a range of benefits.  These techniques are usually combined and the treatment allows you the opportunity for quiet space, nurturing and connecting to your body.

Fertility Massage enhances blood flow and therefore oxygen and essential nutrients to your womb and ovaries. Reflexology is known to reduce stress and nervous tension, enhance wellbeing and improve quality of sleep. Specific techniques aim to aid deep relaxation and thereby influence other functions of the body; encouraging balance, vitality and wellbeing in body and mind.

Natural fertility awareness, additional bodywork techniques and lifestyle guidance all form part of your treatments; adapted according to your individual concerns. Included with your treatments is a bespoke self-care plan containing specific lifestyle tips tailored to you.

Fertility Massage and Reflexology treatments form a key role in your pre-conception preparation, to support you in achieving optimum health ahead of natural or assisted conception or to maintain hormonal balance.

Book a Fertility Appointment

Ahead of your initial treatment, we will have a full consultation to allow us to make a suitable treatment plan. This is usually most convenient via telephone or FaceTime but if you prefer, we can arrange an initial face-to-face consultation. To book your initial consultation, please email me to arrange a suitable time. We can arrange follow-up treatment appointments at the end of your consultation.

A series of 6 weekly or fortnightly follow-up sessions are usually recommended to gain greatest benefits. You can enjoy a discount of £40 when you book a Fertility Support Package of 6 treatments.

How to Help Yourself at Home

For couples trying to conceive, I recommend Natural Health Practice – Advanced Fertility Support for Women and Advanced Fertility Support for Men. These contain food-grade, high quality nutrients for optimum absorption and to help you achieve the best possible health for you and your growing baby. Advanced Fertility Support for Women is also designed for during pregnancy and breastfeeding. I make regular orders of these supplements for clients so please ask and I will make sure to have some ready for your appointment.

I always suggest switching to natural skincare and bodycare products – particularly when trying to conceive and during pregnancy. Those that I recommend and that I use in treatments are from Neal’s Yard Remedies. The range contains beautiful organic ingredients and importantly no foreign chemicals or artificial ingredients that are known to disrupt hormonal balance. Specific product recommendations for your fertility health can be discussed in your initial consultation.