Fitter for Fertility Programme

The Fitter for Fertility programme is a structured and in-depth plan for women wishing to conceive. Ladies that follow the programme believe the time before conception to be the ideal opportunity for getting as fit and healthy as possible, to optimise their chances of fertility success while also giving their future baby the best start. They want to ensure they have done everything within their control to create an optimal fertile state and believe natural therapies to support this process.

What does it involve?

The Fitter for Fertility programme consists of 8 sessions over the course of 12 weeks. (Usually 4 weekly sessions, followed by 4 fortnightly). A detailed holistic health review will enable us to assess aspects of your cycle and lifestyle that may be hindering your chances of success.   Tailored treatments and relevant diagnostic tools allow us to monitor your progress over the course of your sessions and adjust accordingly.


Natural Fertility Therapy sessions including Fertility Massage and Reflexology have numerous benefits when preparing for conception and greatly enhance relaxation – a significant factor to address during this time. You will benefit from 7 NFT sessions.


Based on the Fertile Body Method, visualisation and guided relaxation are known to have significant benefits for the state of our body.

Ongoing Email Support

You will have dedicated support and expert natural fertility advice throughout your 12 weeks on the plan, to help keep you on track and to provide guidance for any queries that you may have.

Holistic Diagnostic Techniques

Tried and tested non-invasive natural fertility awareness techniques are used to find out more about your presenting symptoms and conditions and to monitor your progress.

Free Natural Fertility Webinar

Natural Fertility Webinars take place 1 x month for a very limited number of people. Within your 12 week programme, you will be able to join a webinar of your choice. Get your questions answered and learn more tips!

What is Included in your Fitter for Fertility 12-Week Programme?

A 12-week action plan, tailored specifically to you and your goals

1 x Natural Fertility Therapy Holistic Health Review ~ 90-minute session

7 x Natural Fertility Therapy Review and Bodywork Treatment ~ 90-minute sessions

1 x Webinar to learn about natural pre-conception preparation in more depth and get your questions answered in real time

Ongoing email support

Holistic diagnostic techniques to monitor your progress

All the information you need on natural fertility and how to enhance your chances of fertility success

Recommendations to other holistic practitioners where required

The 5-Step Programme includes:

1. Support, Goal Setting and Preparation. Creating healthy and realistic goals is the first step to gaining the most from your therapy sessions. Where necessary we will revisit any unresolved issues and then incorporate ways to prepare mentally, emotionally and physically for natural conception or for medical fertility treatment. On-going support can provide guidance during emotionally turbulent times and enhance confidence ahead of parenthood.
2. Natural health and lifestyle advice. Offering individual lifestyle support and guidance to make changes where necessary and providing you with self-care advice and tips to continue at home. Incorporating healthy diet and lifestyle changes can help improve your chances of conception and sometimes a little guidance is all you need to get you back on track.
3. Natural Fertility Awareness. Learning simple and non-invasive techniques will help to determine your most fertile time and therefore enhance your chances of conception. This also gives you a greater understanding of your body, which can be an informative and intuitive discovery for many women.
4. Visualisation. Numerous studies have shown the incredible power of the mind on influencing the physiology of the body. Practising positive thoughts and emotions, particularly while in a deeply relaxed state can enhance positivity and wellbeing and help to break the stress cycle.
5. Massage, Bodywork and Reflexology. These treatments can greatly enhance relaxation and aid sleep, which are vital in preparation for a healthy conception and pregnancy. More specifically, massage work around the uterus and lower abdomen in Fertility Massage can increase essential blood flow to the area. As the blood carries oxygen, nutrients and hormones to the cells, good circulation is crucial in creating healthy eggs and a nourished and healthy environment for a growing embryo.
*Please note: The 12-week programme is designed to prepare you for natural or assisted conception. It is important that you are NOT actively trying to conceive during this time. Instead, it allows you a break and enables you to focus on your health and wellbeing ahead of conception. It takes 3-4 months to create new egg and sperm cells so anything you do now, will affect those cells in several weeks’ time.