‘Free From’

On Friday I spent the day at the Love Natural, Love Organic show. This is paired with The Allergy & Free From Show. While I did enjoy the event, I found the overwhelming number of ‘Free From’ stands all a bit too much! I know this sounds contradictory, as that is what the event was all about. And it is by no means a reflection on the show itself, as they are providing information to meet the great demand for

allergyWhat concerns me most is the fact that so many foods now need to come in a packet to make them the preferred food choice. Make up a delicious roast chicken with herbs and spices, served with sweet potato wedges and lots of veggies and you have got yourself a gluten-free, dairy-free, wheat-free and highly nutritious meal. You really do not need to buy food in a packet that tells you it is free of these things. Nowhere did I see a company advertising what actually IS in their products. I want to find healthy nutritious food, not processed junk!

Cakes and sweet treats may be produced gluten-free but what has been used to replace the gluten? And the flour that has had its gluten removed has had to go through so much processing that it barely has any nutrients left. Add to that a whole load of sugar and you have got yourself a supposedly healthy, sugary, processed piece of ‘food’ that is actually an anti-nutrient – that is your body uses up its nutrition stores to process the ingredients. Madness! You can make naturally gluten-free cakes and treats for yourself using buckwheat (also great for pasta), ground almonds, coconut flour etc. I will post some recipes of my favourites soon.

I did however find salvation when I stopped by at Dale Pinnock’s cookery demonstration. He was armed with facts about the nutritional value of each of the ingredients in his meal and produced a delicious curry that I will definitely be replicating at home. He produced a healthy, nutritious meal full of goodness and really tasty and most importantly, it was REAL food. Oh and it also happened to be gluten-free, dairy-free etc. etc., yet he didn’t mention it. So this made my trip worthwhile.raw choc

My final stop at the show was to buy a little something for myself. Anyone who knows me will know I do love chocolate! The high quality stuff of course! I was thrilled when I stopped by at the conscious organic raw handmade chocolate stand. I have seen these products many times before but had never tried any (the bars are quite expensive). What can I say, this chocolate is AMAZING! High quality, organic and with all the benefits that come with raw chocolate, these have a truffle-like texture and are  so scrumptious. The chocolate is very rich so you won’t want (too) much in one go. You can of course make raw chocolate at home with some cacao and cacao butter but sometimes you just don’t have the time! If you haven’t already, check it out – www.consciouschocolate.com or find them in Whole Foods or As Nature Intended. I bought the plain and the essential orange but could have easily taken home most of the flavours!

I bought one other item at the show but this blog has already got too long so I will tell you about that next week instead!