Why does the Course Take 3 Months?

I strongly encourage you to take 3 months out from trying to conceive. I know that you probably don’t want to wait but taking this time out now will allow:

  • Your body the chance to adapt to the changes you make
  • Time for creating healthy eggs
  • You and your partner a break from the pressure and preoccupation often associated with trying to conceive.

How Does it Work?

I know you’ll be keen to get going and learn everything right away! But I have designed it to be a simple step-by-step process that is easy to follow, to allow you time to take action, make the positive changes you need and avoid overwhelm!

Each week you will receive the next lesson direct to your inbox for you to work on during that week.

How Much does it Cost?

You can join the first 2 weeks absolutely free!

The full course, Modules 1-3 costs £68. You will also receive your complimentary bonus Self-Fertility Massage Guide: The CARMAA Method

Bought individually, Module 1 is £22, Module 2 is £28 and Module 3 is £28.

How Do I Pay?

Follow this link to the sign-up page, from which you will be able to pay safely and securely by Paypal.

Will this Course Guarantee me a Baby?

No. The goal of this course is to create the optimum conditions with regard to physical, mental and emotional health to enhance fertility and to gain a greater understanding of your body. Thus you are working to increase your chances of not only conceiving but of carrying to term and giving birth to a healthy baby.

It is important to remember that some desirable outcomes come about as a consequence of powers beyond our understanding. Becoming pregnant and giving birth to a healthy baby is something we cannot guarantee. However, we can rest assured that we can do everything within our control to enhance our chances of achieving our goals.

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