Look After your Skin Naturally – from the Outside

Following on from last week’s post about the functions of the skin and why it is important to look after it, today I share with you my suggestions for how you can look after your skin naturally – from the outside.

Avoid mineral oils, sodium lauryl/laureth sulphate, artificial fragrance, barrier creams e.g. E45.

These damage the delicate protective barrier of the skin, leaving it open to further damage, infection and inflammation and the vital functions will be compromised.

Choose natural oils oil

Coconut oil is my all-time favourite body moisturiser (you probably already know that, as I keep on about it so much!). It is light and non-greasy and also has a beautifully subtle smell of coconuts! If you have drier skin, an oil such as almond or wheatgerm will provide greater moisturising and protecting benefits or for extra essential fatty acids, try argan oil. If you prefer a lotion or cream, make sure to choose one without mineral oil (labelled as parafinum liquidum). For a deeply nourishing treat, the Bee Lovely body butter is my favourite at the moment or it also comes as a lotion.

Body Brush Daily

This stimulates the lymphatic system and the blood circulation, bringing oxygen and nutrients to the skin’s surface and boosting the excretory function of the skin.

Pat skin with a towel, don’t rub! pat face dry

Rubbing your skin vigorously with a towel following a bath or shower can disturb the protective acid mantle barrier that I talked about in last week’s post. Instead, pat gently before applying body oil or cream. Patting gently will also make a big difference if you have very dry or oily skin.


Each day, spend a couple of minutes massaging your face cleanser and/or oil into your skin. This stimulates the circulation, bringing oxygen and nutrients to the cells giving a brighter appearance, clears waste products into the lymph nodes and relaxes the muscles.

Once per week, spend 10 minutes deeply massaging your face oil into your face, neck and chest. Each morning in the shower, use your body wash to spend 1-2 minutes massaging around your breasts and armpits, where there are a large number of lymph nodes.

Exfoliate weekly

Use a very gentle non-abrasive exfoliant. This applies for your body but most importantly your face. Try ingredients like rose seed powder, chamomile stamens or rice powder for your face and cranberry seed, rice powder or dead sea salt for your body. These ingredients slough away dead skin cells without damaging the delicate surface of the skin.

Many brands use exfoliating ingredients that are so sharp and jagged, it can increase sensitivity and leave your skin dry, sore or irritated. What’s more, popular artificially-produced components such as microbeads have been shown to disrupt marine life.

NYRWant to try Natural Products?

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