Make Massage a New Year Resolution!

I thought I’d use this start to the year to do a small recap on the type of massage treatments I provide, mainly for new readers and perhaps for those who I haven’t seen for a while.

The term ‘massage’ is often associated with either pampering or remedial based treatment; the former being fantastic for overall wellbeing and relaxation and the latter being integral in the release of muscular tension and pre-/post- sports support.

Many clients say that their friends think they are indulgent for having a weekly/fortnightly/monthly massage.  Yet they feel it helps to maintain their overall wellbeing and health and keeps them ‘ticking over’. I certainly don’t see massage as a ‘treat’ or a pampering indulgence.

I offer therapeutic massage treatments, bespoke to you. I don’t like to constrict to a treatment list, as I use a combination of techniques that I have gained over my 8 years in practice to suit you as an individual on that particular day. As you may know, my specialist areas are in fertility, pre-conception support and pregnancy. However, I also have experience working with anxiety, stress, muscular tension, skin conditions, headaches, poor circulation, depression and many more.

Massage and bodywork are amazing for helping the body and mind to heal on so many levels and I love working with the diverse set of unique experiences that each individual presents.

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