Massage & Reflexology for the Post-Natal Mumma

Many women enjoy massage and reflexology leading up to and during their pregnancy but find it hard to come back once baby has arrived. This is a shame, as it is a time when treatments can be of huge benefit. Rapidly dropping hormones and the often overwhelming responsibility of caring for a new life can take its toll on new mums. Enjoying some post-natal massage or reflexology is a wonderful opportunity for some well-deserved ‘me-time’ or if you prefer, baby can come with you and sleep or feed during the treatment. The calm energy transferred to baby during a session is clear to see.

Some of the many benefits of postnatal massage and reflexology:

  • Promotes postnatal recovery, supporting abdominal and pelvic toning, relieving back and shoulder aches, improving blood, lymph and energy flow.
  • Relieves stress with positive, nurturing touch.
  • Helps to enhance a positive relationship with baby.
  • Provides support for the emotional demands of motherhood.
  • Offers a quiet, relaxing, nurturing space and opportunity to rest or sleep.
  • Promotes undisturbed bonding with baby away from other demands (if baby joins for the treatment).