Active Labour Techniques Workshop

Having a set of tools to draw upon during labour is vital for a relaxed, controlled and confident experience. In this workshop, you and your birth support partner will learn simple yet powerful techniques to guide you through your pregnancy and your baby’s birth. You will have the opportunity to practise specific massage and acupressure techniques for different stages of pregnancy and labour, so that you feel confident and prepared. Breathing and relaxation skills help to reduce stress and anxiety during what can be an emotionally challenging time. Learning together during pregnancy means you will be able to draw upon them with ease on your baby’s birthing day.

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Movement and Positions During Birth

Learn the basic principles of movement during pregnancy and labour. Know how to promote the optimal position of your baby. You will have the opportunity to practise your breathing and massage techniques in different positions so that you and your birth partner will go away knowing which of these suit you best, ahead of your baby’s birthing day.


Learning to breathe efficiently during pregnancy helps to keep you and your baby calm and relaxed, your muscles supplied with oxygen (important for maintaining strength during labour) and works fantastically as an anchor to focus on during the more challenging parts of labour. Practising with your birth partner during pregnancy means you will be well prepared ahead of birth.


Simple techniques at different stages of pregnancy and labour help to relax both partners. Know and understand how to work safely and comfortably for you both.


Pressure applied with the fingers and hands to specific points in the body have been used for centuries for pain management and release of physical and emotional tension. Learn which points to safely and effectively work in different situations during pregnancy and labour.


Stress and anxiety cause the body to release hormones that negatively impact on the ‘love’ hormone oxytocin. This is needed to initiate labour and promote bonding between mother and baby. Relaxation flows through our classes with gentle guided breathing, movement and visualisation techniques. Positive touch, the enhanced bond created between birth partners and babies and the calm yet fun environment, all help to release those happy hormones.

Tea and Cake

As a break from the learning, you can enjoy a choice of delicious tea (including a beautiful herbal pregnancy tea) and a slice of locally handmade cake. Chatting to your fellow expectant Mums, Dads, birth support friends and partners is a wonderful opportunity to share your experiences and meet new friends.

Suitable for pregnant ladies from 20 weeks and their birth support partners.

By the end of the course, you will be able to confidently use shiatsu, massage, bodywork and breathing techniques. You will know which birth positions best suit you and your partner to practise at home to prepare you for birth.

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