Online Course

Healthy Woman, Healthy Womb is a 14 week online course for fertility. It is designed for women who want to enhance their health, wellbeing and lifestyle in preparation for conception and pregnancy. HWHW M1

  • Step-by-step weekly lessons to learn all the tools you need to create an optimal fertile state for both you and your future baby.
  • Learn simple techniques to optimise your health and wellbeing in preparation for conception and pregnancy.
  • Feel empowered to take positive control of factors affecting your fertility.
  • Have confidence in knowing you have done all you can to enhance your chances of conception and a healthy, happy baby.

It may be you have looked into different bits of lifestyle advice before but have not managed to stick to the changes.

Or perhaps you want to start making positive steps but are overwhelmed & don’t know where to start.

It could be that you’re missing just a few key resources to fit the puzzle together.

Designed to fit around your busy lifestyle

The beauty of working through the course online is that you can access it at any time, no printing (unless you’d like to), no time constraints and easy to fit in around your existing commitments. You will have lifetime access to the lessons so you can return and refresh whenever you like after the course has ended.

Online Support

Accomplishing your goals is greatly enhanced by ongoing support and encouragement. You can benefit from personal email support with me to:

  • Gain support throughout the course
  • Get your personal questions answered
  • Share your experiences & successes
  • Share your ideas

Bonus Extras!

In addition, with each module you will receive self-help tools and guides, including:

  • Fertility Signs Chart
  • Recommendations and Discounts
  • Food Diary
  • Relaxation and Visualisation Exercises

PLUS!! Free Bonus Download when you join the full course!

Self-Fertility Massage Guide: The CARMAA Method

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Module Outline

Victoria Sophie – The Person to Help You


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“Thanks so much for this group Victoria. It has been so useful – I have already changed some of the products I am using around the house (and especially my sanitary products), I’ve really considered the diet I am eating and the different stresses I put my body under! I look forward to trying out the self fertility massage soon and getting to grips with my chaotic hormones” Cathy, previous online course member.

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Legal Disclaimer: The information presented in this online course is, to the author’s knowledge, accurately represented. There is no guarantee that the advice and information provided will achieve any particular outcome. The primary aim of this course is not that of conception or pregnancy, but of maximising fertility using natural techniques. No responsibility is taken by the author in the case of failure to conceive, miscarriage, stillbirth or other distressing occurrence. Each individual’s success depends on her unique situation, presenting condition, dedication and motivation.