Practising Self-Nurturing

A common trait I see among my clients is a lack of self-nurturing, dedicated time for themselves and prioritising their own health and wellbeing. This is particularly common in women, especially those who are juggling full-time work with being a mother.

I cannot stress enough the importance of making it a priority to find time to look after yourself. This relates to your food choices, hobbies, quiet time, relaxation and creativity.

So many women tell me how their children eat a healthy, balanced diet with lots of fruit and vegetables and yet they themselves tend to eat ‘on the go’, skip meals and are lacking the necessary requirements for a balanced diet.

These women are struggling to meet the demands of their employers, battle with their roles of responsibility in the workplace and then return home to care for their children, prepare food and manage the household responsibilities. They are utterly exhausted. It is no wonder they don’t find time for looking after themselves too.


When these ladies come to the clinic for a treatment, they are so used to this situation that they often don’t recognise the impact it is having on them. It is only when they talk about it and then allow themselves an hour or more to really switch off, rest and give in to having dedicated time just for themselves, that they understand and appreciate this need.

I encourage them to be really selfish for the time they are with me. To talk about how they are feeling, to surrender to being looked after for once and to be cared for mentally, emotionally and physically. After their treatment, they will often sigh and tell me whole-heartedly how they ‘really needed that’.

So I encourage you to make time for yourself. Massage and reflexology are both known to have a significant impact on reducing stress levels and enhancing wellbeing and being physically away from home and/or work is hugely beneficial.

Self-nurturing also encompasses making time for your hobbies, enjoying a relaxed walk or a soothing bath for half an hour. Creative pursuits are incredibly healing and fantastic for calming the mind and body. This can be anything from music to painting, drawing or an adult colouring book – these are everywhere at the moment! These activities are a natural form of meditation. Without trying, our minds become focussed on what we are doing, while being free to wander.

Why not try it? This week, include 30 minutes of self-nurturing activities on 3 separate days.

You can do anything you like but it must be something you look forward to and not feel like a chore. Here are some examples:

  • Take a leisurely walk
  • Have a bath with candles and add a calming bath oil
  • Book a massage
  • Get your pencils and colours out and play
  • Call a friend
  • Go for a swim or cycle
  • Practise mindfulness meditation
  • Have a pampering evening – do a face mask, exfoliate your body, paint your toenails
  • Bake a cake

The possibilities are endless! Try what works for you.