Treatments during and after pregnancy offer a wonderful experience for both Mum and baby.

During Pregnancy

Many women choose treatments during pregnancy to helping maintain balance and optimise health and wellbeing during the many rapid changes at this time.

Treatments allow you time away from your busy life and give you the opportunity to focus purely on yourself and your growing baby. Massage and reflexology aim to optimise the physical and emotional health of pregnant women and can be used throughout pregnancy. Treatments can be used for muscular aches and general wellbeing or to address other health issues such as sleeping difficulties as they arise.

Benefits of Pregnancy Massage and Reflexology

After Pregnancy

Many women enjoy massage and reflexology leading up to and during their pregnancy but find it hard to come back once baby has arrived. Rapidly dropping hormones and the often overwhelming responsibility of caring for a new life can take its toll on new mums. Enjoying some post-natal massage or reflexology is a wonderful opportunity for some well-deserved ‘me-time’ or if you prefer, baby can come with you and sleep or feed during the treatment.

Benefits of Postnatal Massage and Reflexology