What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is based on the ancient principle that the organs and systems of the body have corresponding points and zones on the feet. These can be worked using specific massage and stimulating techniques. Many people choose reflexology for fertility related issues or hormonal imbalance.

How Can it Benefit Me?

Reflexology has many benefits, most notably its ability to reduce stress and nervous tension, enhance wellbeing and improve quality of sleep – all essential for a healthy mind and body. This technique can be used alone or alongside Fertility Massage as part of pre-conception support treatments.

Trying to conceive, experiencing health related problems and pursuing assisted reproductive treatment can send stress levels soaring. It is well known that the stress hormone cortisol interacts with the reproductive hormones, often further exacerbating the problem. Reflexology techniques aim to aid deep relaxation and thereby influence other functions of the body; encouraging balance, vitality and wellbeing in body and mind.