Restore your Work-Life Balance

Over the past few weeks, a busy diary has meant my focus has been drawn to reviewing my work-life balance. I know this is something many of you find challenging so here is a little tool you can use to identify which areas of your life may need a little more attention.

Wheel of Life

wheel of life

• Write 8 Important areas of your life inside the segments of the wheel.
E.g. Family, Health, Finance, Work, Leisure, Friendships, Relationship, Spirituality, Relaxation, Movement & Exercise

• Ask yourself how satisfied you are with each area on a scale of 1-10.
• Write in the score for each one.
• Draw an arc across the score.
• Join up the shape inside the wheel and see what shape you have.
• How smooth is your ride with a wheel like this?!
When you have done this, ensure to schedule time for each of these categories into your day. This may seem impossible at first but even if it is just taking 5 or 10 minutes in the morning to do some simple stretches or yoga or enjoying a bath to relax, you really will soon feel the benefits.

Friends and family are often neglected when we are busy but aim to set aside time in your diary to call a friend or chat to your partner undisturbed about their day.

Most people don’t know how to relax properly. That is sit down with no distractions – including the TV or radio – and just be still. Schedule 5 minutes of sitting still with your eyes closed each day for a week. Focus your attention on your breath and bring it back to this whenever you notice other thoughts creeping in. We can all find 5 minutes a day…