Spectacular Spinach

I do usually tend to eat a lot of spinach but recently I have found myself getting through bags and bags of it each week (my next project is to try to grow some in my herb and veggie border so I can have an endless supply…).Young spinach leaves in isolated white background

The health benefits of spinach are numerous and it is such a great ingredient to easily be added to pretty much any meal, raw, lightly steamed or simply stirred into sauce. I enjoy it in my salads, Superfood Smoothies, lightly stir-fried with garlic as a side dish or added at the last minute to Delicious Chilli Con Carne or a curry.

A few reasons to include spinach in your diet:


High in dietary fibre for maintaining healthy digestive transit.


Help to maintain the health of all cells in the body.


Shown in numerous studies to help combat serious disease and to maintain healthy skin, hair and nails. This is one of the fat-soluble vitamins and therefore requires good quality sources of beneficial dietary fat to be absorbed.


Indicated by the deep green colour of the leaves, spinach contains phyto-chemicals that have been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties.


For muscle efficiency, relaxation and to support a stressed nervous system.


Support the function of red blood cells, which transport oxygen to the cells of the body.

Vitamin C

Among many other vitamins spinach is high in vitamin C, which plays an important role in immune function.

*Victoria’s top tip: If you are prone to bloating, don’t eat spinach raw. The high fibre content can cause hard work for a sluggish digestive system, leading to cramping, gas and bloating. Instead, lightly steam for 1-2 minutes.