Super Scumptious Muesli

It can often be hard to find healthy breakfast options. Personally I can’t function without my breakfast and I like to eat a lot to kickstart my body and mind ready for the day ahead. Clients frequently tell me that they have little time in the morning so need something quick and easy. Many people also don’t like to eat first thing but are starving by mid-morning!

My Super Scrumptious muesli solves both of those problems! It is also free of any added sugars, which is very difficult to find in shop-bought products. The recipe is enough to make the muesli in bulk. If you’d rather make an individual portion, please adjust the quantities accordingly.



500g Buckwheat Flakes

250g Spelt flakes

200g Sunflower seeds

200g Pumpkin seeds

100g Chia seeds

50g Almonds/Ground almonds

2 Handfuls Goji Berries

To serve:

Full fat natural yoghurt or almond milk

Blueberries (fresh when in season, otherwise frozen).


Add the flakes, seeds, almonds and goji berries to a large bowl and mix thoroughly. Store in an airtight container in a cool place.

Enjoy with a few dollops of full fat organic natural yoghurt or if you prefer, a nut milk. Defrost a handful of blueberries if necessary and sprinkle on top for ultimate deliciousness! image

If you’re tight for time in the morning, simply measure out a bowl of Super Scrumptious Muesli and add to a glass kilner jar the night before. In the morning, top with the yoghurt and berries and take to work, ready for you to devour it whenever you are ready!

If your berries are frozen, you can either leave them out for half an hour to defrost, plunge into warm water for 2 minutes and then drain or simply add them to your muesli frozen and they will be defrosted by the time you get to work!

Please let me know how you get on with your muesli and share your thoughts in the facebook page.