Superfood my Salad

If you are anything like me, you can become easily bored by salad. No matter how hard we try, green leaves can be pretty dull. I recommend you to include something warm in your salad whenever possible, such as warm vegetables or grilled chicken or fish. This stokes the ‘digestive fire’, aids the process of digestion and is less of a shock to your body. This is particularly important when trying to conceive or during pregnancy.

Adding a few extra goodies to your salad can not only make it much more exciting and appetising but adds valuable nutrients too. You may think you’re being good with a bit of lettuce and tomato but if you’re going to have a salad, you might as well fill it with goodness!




Key components of a Superfood Salad


Magnesium (muscles), vitamin C (antioxidant), beta carotene (skin health)


Natural nitrates (blood pressure)


Natural nitrates (blood pressure), betacyanin (liver function enzymes)


Oleic acid (reduce LDL (bad) cholesterol, increase HDL (good) cholesterol), vitamin E (skin and heart health), monounsaturated and polyunstaurated fats (hormonal, skin, heart and brain health)


Beta-carotene (skin health)

Seeds of your choice, e.g. flax/linseed, pumpkin, chia

Omega 3 fats (hormonal, skin, heart and brain health)


Vitamins A, C and E (skin and heart health), polyphenols (antioxidant, heart health, anti-inflammatory)


Oligomericproantocyanidins and reservatrol (blood pressure)

Extra Virgin Olive oil

Monounstaurated fats (heart, cholesterol and hormonal health), polyphenols (antioxidant, heart health, anti-inflammatory)

How to Superfood Your Salad

  • Use Spinach and Watercress as the base.
  • Slice or grate 1/2 beetroot.
  • Slice an avocado
  • Grate a carrot
  • Sprinkle some seeds
  • Sprinkle the seeds of 1/2 pomegranate
  • Slice some grapes
  • Mix altogether and top with a good slosh of olive oil.

Add grilled chicken or fish to your salad to maximise the nutritional value even further!