The Wonder of Fertility Massage

Fertility Massage is a unique form of massage for women, combining various techniques, focussing on the abdomen and digestive and reproductive organs. Self-help fertility massage is a wonderful way to take control of your health and fertility and connect with your body and can be carried out yourself at home. I always encourage ladies to perform their self-help fertility massage in between appointments to enhance the benefits of their treatments and continue all the good work. The positive changes that they notice never fail to amaze me.

Why should I do it?

You may be wondering why you should do this type of massage to your abdomen. This is an area that ladies frequently tell me is rarely (or never) massaged and they are often filled with horror at the thought of it! Many are very surprised by how relaxing it is to have their abdomen massaged in a treatment and how much they come to enjoy their daily self-massage at home. The self-help fertility massage is designed to support reproductive health, the menstrual cycle and your fertility in several different ways. It is a fantastic part of your pre-conception plan whether you are preparing for natural or assisted conception. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Improving blood circulation
  • Realigning the pelvic organs
  • Boosting the immune system
  • Relieving tight ligaments and creating space
  • Relieving congestion and scar tissue
  • Enhancing connection to your body
  • Deep relaxation

Why are these things important?

Improving blood circulation to the area brings with it the necessary oxygen and nutrients to produce healthy eggs and healthy eggs make healthy babies! It is also a wonderful way to connect with your body and your womb. Many of us live ‘up in our heads’ with busy, stressful lives. Without allowing time to slow down and focus our attention on our body, we are unable to listen to what it is telling us. Giving ourselves a few minutes per day to rest quietly and tune in to our bodies while doing the self-help fertility massage can be a real eye-opener for many women.

TUM-Narrower-2Massage is known to increase the blood flow to that area, thus bringing with it oxygen and nutrients to enhance the health of the cells (including eggs) and removing toxic build up. By regularly working around areas of congestion, we can help to soften and break it down and by massaging the ligaments that support the reproductive organs, we help to gently stretch and soften them so that they do not pull so tightly on our internal organs. This is turn leaves the organs with much more space, allowing vital blood to flow more freely without obstruction and encourages the uterus into a more upright position (a tilted womb may cause uncomfortable menstrual symptoms).

There are many links between the digestive, immune and reproductive systems and thus by working the digestive organs, you will also be greatly benefitting the hormonal and reproductive systems. Lastly, taking a few minutes to perform your daily self-help fertility massage encourages you to focus your attention away from external stressors and towards your body, which naturally enhances relaxation, thereby influencing hormonal health.

How can I learn the massage?

It is really important to understand the how to and when you can perform the self-massage safely. I teach my fertility massage clients this and provide them with a routine and full instructions to refer to at home.

To finish, here are my 5 top tips for a healthy womb:

  1. Eat red food – foods such as beetroot, rhubarb, red onions, pomegranate and goji berries are fantastic for supporting a healthy womb. Eat organic and seasonal where onion
  2. Keep your womb warm – your womb is a nest; a little incubator in which to grow a new life. Ensure you keep it warm (especially in the cold weather) with hot water bottles, warming foods and spices. Also wear warm socks and slippers and don’t walk barefoot on cold floors, as blood flows up from your feet to your womb.
  3. Keep active – many women experience conditions of stagnation and this is exacerbated by sluggish circulation. Circulation is the key to life and to the health of our cells, including our eggs so make sure you move around during the day and take part in gentle and strengthening exercise such as yoga or pilates.
  4. Love your womb! – for all the wonderful and miraculous things it does for you. Give your womb some attention and nurturing. Nurture yourself with things you enjoy and find a creative outlet to enhance the power of your feminine energy.
  5. Of course, self-help fertility massage for all the wonderful reasons we have discussed.