Victoria Sophie – The Person to Help You

After many years working in the holistic health industry, a natural progression in training and experience led me to work with women preparing for conception, those having difficulty conceiving and those preparing for Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART).

Many of these women would come to me for help with stress and anxiety related to fertility issues they were experiencing and later for more specialised bodywork for conditions such as menstrual irregularities and pain, fibroids, ovarian cysts and support following some time on hormonal contraception. It was clear that many of them were at a loss as to what they could be doing to positive affect their chances. They felt a total lack of control over their situation, particularly when faced with medical intervention.

I quickly realised that while complementary therapies have incredible benefits, these women also needed more personalised advice and an in-depth review of their individual situation to highlight areas for concern. Treatment time was never enough! This is when I developed The Natural Fertility Therapist for those serious about following a longer-term plan of action.

My training in natural fertility includes nutrition and lifestyle factors that affect our hormones and fertility, fertility massage and reflexology, acupressure and natural fertility awareness techniques.

pregnancyThere are countless situations that I have witnessed, in which a woman has achieved her goals with some support, guidance and an enhanced understanding and respect for her body. I have also worked with hundreds of women who have pursued ART and have been empowered by the tools they have learned and knowing they have done everything within their power to increase the chances of a positive outcome. It is worth noting that research by Foresight – the Association of Pre-conceptual Care in the UK – demonstrated that adopting natural fertility methods increased success rates of IVF patients from 25% to 47% (2003).

I am so passionate about this area of natural health, as I have seen incredible transformations in women after committing to implement small changes to benefit their fertility. There is SO much that we can all do to help ourselves and I want more women to know the facts, to feel empowered and to gain a greater understanding of their body.

This is why I set up the online courses; to reach and inspire more women like you, who are serious about their health and fertility and to reassure you that there is so much you can do to help yourself. I feel very strongly about conscious conception and pre-conception preparation for the enduring good health of the new lives we are creating.