Wholesome Porridge

Quite often I find the simple things are the best!

A steaming bowl of porridge can warm you from the inside on a cold Winter morning. And will stoke your digestive fire at any time of the year!

I continually encourage my clients to increase their intake of warming foods. Consuming a hot meal first thing in the morning is fantastic for kickstarting your system and gently assists your organs to absorb all those nutrients. Bringing warmth to the lower abdominal area also brings with it nutritious blood supply to the reproductive organs so this is particularly important when pregnant or trying to conceive.

Porridge makes a fantastic wholesome breakfast option and takes 5 minutes maximum to make. But if your porridge consists of oats, water and nothing more, you may find it a little dull.

How do you spice up your porridge to make it more interesting, more tasty and also more nutritious? With a few magical extra ingredients!

This recipe is used for at least two of my breakfasts each week, I just love it! There is no added sugar in this wholesome porridge whatsoever so if you are trying to cut down, this is ideal. Instead, it is naturally sweetened with cinnamon, which paradoxically helps to regulate blood sugar levels. Perfect!



Wholesome Porridge


30g Porridge Oats

20g Quinoa Flakes

300ml Water (or nut milk of you prefer; or half and half)

Ground Cinnamon

1 handful Goji Berries

1 heaped teaspoon Lacuma Powder

1 tablespoon Sunflower Seeds


Add the oats, quinoa flakes, half of the goji berries and the water (and/or milk) to a saucepan.

Add a good few sprinkles of cinnamon to suit your taste.

Stir, bring to the boil then simmer until the liquid is absorbed and the oats thicken.

Add the lacuma powder and more cinnamon if you wish.

Stir to combine.

Sprinkle the sunflower seeds and remaining goji berries on top and enjoy! Delicious!